Press release 2018

PRESS RELEASE XXII International Festival VINNITY JAZZFEST - 2018 September 21-23, 2018

This year's VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2018 will be astonishing and truly endless!

The XXII International Jazz Festival will present a double portion of unforgettable and enchanting emotions to all the fans of jazz music, high-quality sound and unpredictable live performances!

This year the festival will last for three days - September 21-23.

However, jazz mood will dominate in Vinnitsa since mid-September!

After all, in addition to the main concerts, there will be many other vivid events and events.

Solo programs at the festival are presented by 9 world-famous groups from 9 countries: Poland, New Zealand, South Korea, Austria, Luxembourg, Israel, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Ukraine.


On September 14th, the Polish IndependenceJazz Posters, one of the largest collections in the world - the Dydo Poster Collection, will be exhibited in the hall of the Vinnytsia City Council.

September 20 at the concert hall "Monnt Blanc" will be the VII All-Ukrainian competition of young jazz performers.


September 20 at 20.00 at the concert hall "Monnt Blanc" for the first time the exclusive flavor of the festival - a bright pre-party with the participation of the star of world jazz, the cult drummer Pavel Fight from the Czech Republic!

The fantastic opening of VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2018 will be the show of the legendary Broadway musical "Sugar, or Girls Only Jazz!", Which is an unprecedented event in the history of jazz movement in Ukraine. Before this genre the musical has never been presented at any Ukrainian jazz festival!

Exclusive VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2018 will be the premiere of the large-scale project "PIndependenceJazzNight", during which the spectators in the hall will have unforgettable drawings with the main prize - a trip to Poland.

- VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2018 will 100% justify this year's motto "impressive"! - convinced producer of the festival, Honored Artist of Ukraine Irina Frenkel. - By preserving the long-standing traditions of our festival, which collect collectors of jazz men from all over Ukraine in Vinnytsia, we at the same time love to break stereotypes. We have prepared a multi-genre interesting program that will be presented at three different concert venues, which will allow viewers to feel even more that the music of freedom - jazz - has no limitations! This year, for the first time, jazz stars with a worldwide reputation will come to us from the most remote countries - South Korea and New Zealand. Therefore, we will hear both exotic jazz genres, and fresh tendencies of contemporary European music. World jazz, modern swing, folk, jazz and fusion synthesis, a vibrant blend of jazz and electronic DJ music, immortal jazz standards and styles vocal jazz - the diversity of genres impresses everyone!

- The audience will be able to make sure that there are jazz groups in Ukraine that, in terms of quality and professionalism, are not inferior to the world at all. That is why we open and close the festival with concerts by Ukrainian performers: the FRANKYJAZZ enchanting band with the program "Tribute to Frank Sinatra" and the magnificent production of one of the best musicals of all time "In jazz only girls" of the National Operetta of Ukraine, - notes VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST Director, Honored Artist Ukraine Pavlo Tretyakov. - The arrival of the Kyiv National Academic Operetta Theater to our festival is an event we are particularly proud of. Over the years, when the theater was headed by the cultural director of the new generation - People's Artist of Ukraine Bogdan Strutinsky, the National Operetta has become one of the best theaters in Ukraine, who are well known and respected in the world. Today, the operetta theater is part of a large international network of opera houses in the world, presents magnificent productions and conducts prestigious international conferences with the participation of stars of the first magnitude. In particular, the daughter of Hungarian classmate Imre Kalman arrived in Kiev for the premiere of "Countess Maritsy"! And the production of the musical "Sugar, or in jazz only girls", which will be seen by our audience - above all praise! This is an exceptional and amazing performance, which Kiev needs to buy tickets for months ahead! The display in Vinnitsa of this musical will be a historical event - the first show outside the capital.




Polish Independent Jazz Posters Exhibition of Polish Jazz Poster

In the framework of the international jazz festival VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST, a presentation of the Polish jazz poster from the collection of Krzysztof Dido from Krakow will be held. In this city is its world-famous Poster Gallery.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on September 14 at 16:00 in the hall of the Vinnitsa City Council.

The exposition presents a dozen posters of jazz themes that have been created by various authors in recent years.

The exhibition will introduce the various styles that are currently prevalent in the Polish jazz poster, whose tradition has a long, interesting history, and its especially rapid development is associated with the return of Polish independence 100 years ago.

Waldemar Sweezy's works will be presented at the exhibition - a series of portraits of famous Polish musicians, Roslav Shaybo - a poster for the Museum of the Jazz Festival in Ostriv Wielkopolski, Rafał Olbinski and the young artist Kalina Szymkevich - posters for the Jazz Oderi Festival in Wroclaw, works by Tomas Kipka - "Jazz in ruins" in Golozhenyka, Pyotr Mlodozhenyets - "Jazz autumn" in Bielsko-Biala, Mariana Oslyla - Jazz festival "Musical improvisations" in the city of Zhabez-Katowice, Bohdana Bartkawka Bartkowski - "Old Jazz Meeting Gold Tara in Ilawa, Carol Banach - International Festival of jazz pianists in Kalisz, Patricia Lonhava - posters exhibition «Faces of jazz»: Jakub basis - Nina Simone, Thomas Bohuslav, Rishard Kai, Kunze Piotr Jacek Stanishevski, Leszek Zhebrovski.

The current jazz poster exhibition is a continuation of the presentation of the collection, which was demonstrated in Vinnytsia in 2012 and 2013. This is just a small piece of several hundred posters, which is part of one of the largest collections known as the Dydo Poster Collection.

Project "Kinojaz" from the network of coffee shops "Black Cat - White Cat"

Every Friday, starting August 24, jazz will be played on Gagarin Square. The project will feature famous films and recordings of the headliners of the international festival VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST of previous years.

Session starts at 21.00

About info center and tickets

The information center of the festival, VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2018, where you can get the most comprehensive information about all the concerts and events of the festival, operates in the Vinnitsa Regional Universal Scientific Library. KA Timiryazeva (Soborna St., 73).

The information center works according to the schedule of the library's work: from 10.00 to 18.00, on weekends - in telephone mode.

Phone of the festival: (0432) 690-025.

As well as last year, jazzmen will be able to buy a multi-ticket, which will be a pass for all concerts of the festival (except for the pre-party and the musical "Sugar, or in jazz only girls!").

You can also buy a ticket for any of the desired concerts.

WELCOME! Until September 9 and 16, special promotional prices for tickets will apply:

until September 9 - discounts up to 33% for all concerts of the festival;


until September 16 - discounts up to 17% for all concerts of the festival.

Full information and news on the official website of the festival

You can buy tickets online at,

Tickets are also sold at the ticket office of Vinnitsa: at the Magigrand TVK (10.00-21.00), TC "Petrocentre" (10.00-20.00), Sadovsky Theater (13.00-19.00).

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Watch out for interesting raffles in the Facebook group that will start shortly!

Organizers and partners

The main organizer of the XXII International Jazz Festival VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2018 is the Podillya Charity Foundation for the Advancement of Talent Development.

The festival is supported by Valeriy Korovia and Sergei Morgunov, Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration and Vinnytsia City Council.

Co-organizers: the company "VINNITSYAKONTSERT", the Department of Culture and Arts of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, the Department of Culture of the Vinnytsia City Council, the Center for Concert and Festival Programs, the Vinnytsia Regional Universal Scientific Library. KA Timiryazev.

The partner institutions of the festival are the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Vinnitsa, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Lithuanian Cultural Institute in Ukraine, the Polish Institute in Kyiv, the Cultural Institute of Korea, the Korean Art Management Service Foundation.

Sponsors: Barlinek Group, agency music: LX (Luxembourg), South Korean Airlines, POT (Polish Tourism Organization).

Partner: "Poster of Vinnytsia".

The general information partner is RIA.

Information support: Megamall shopping center.

Coffee partners of the festival: coffee house "Turman", cafe "Black cat, white cat".

Hospitality hotel "France" and hotel "Podillya".

Cilt of the leading festival from the author's studio Lyudmila Kvitna.

Hairdressers leading from Beauty Studio IND Beauty.

Media partners: TV channel UA: Vinnytsia, TV channel "Vita", TV channel "Vinnitschyna", radio "City over Bug", radio "Era FM", radio "Tact", newspaper "Culture and Life", newspaper "Misto", " Vinnytsia newspaper ", the newspaper" 33 channel ", the magazine" Wedding of the year "," Afisha Vinnitsa - ",,,, Depo.Vinnitsa, ,,,,,, «On Paris»,,, Vinnytsia PressPoint,

For media accreditation, you should contact the press secretary of the festival Valentyna Kirilchuk, mobile: (096) 314-51-55, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.