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PRESS RELEASE XXIII International Festival VINNITSIA JAZZFEST - 2019 September 20-22, 2019

The oldest Ukrainian VINNITSIA JAZZFEST – 2019 will be held under the slogan "brilliant"!

The festival opens with a “jazz ball”!

It will last three days, from September, 20 to September, 22. The best jazz stars from 8 countries: Ukraine, Poland, South Africa, Jamaica, Israel, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg will be performing in Vinnytsia!

The fairy-tale Closing concert will be... WORLD PREMIERE!

Prepare your hearts for special emotions! After all, the brilliant VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2019 will be amazing!


You will admire progressive jazz rock, traditional Polish jazz and its latest trends, intriguing energetic neo-bop and lively Latin groove. This year's program has such a multi-genre palette that viewers will fully experience all the diversity of multicolored jazz music!

- The Opening day will be a special surprise for everyone. After a fantastically successful debut of the musical "Some Like it Hot", which became a real gem-jewel of VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST, we decided to continue this wonderful tradition. This year, on September, 20, we invite everyone to the Sadovsky Theater for the enchanting “Ball in the Savoy”! – remarks the director of VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST, Honored Artist of Ukraine Pavel Tretyakov.
- This wonderful musical in the style of the “Great Gatsby” will be performed by the stars of the National Operetta of Ukraine.It will give you the opportunity to feel a true Broadway performance. In addition to the fascinating storyline and extraordinary music by Hungarian maestro Pala Abraham, this production, being the masterpiece of the People's Artist of Ukraine Bohdan Strutinsky, will amaze everyone with spectacular dancing: waltz, tango, foxtrot, rumba and fabulous step dance. Besides, you will admire a great number of adorable costumes.
- Traditionally unforgettable emotions are guaranteed to every viewer during the exclusive “Polish Jazz Night” program, which is supported by our regular partners - the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Vinnitsa, the Polish Institute in Kyiv, the Barlinek Group and the Polish Tourism Organization, which have already become an integral part of VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST. This year you will see incredible “ Polish Jazz Night”programme, which includes the extremely beautiful project "Monyushko in Jazz" and the program "Best of Jazz" by famous Polish composer, jazz violinist Kshesimir Dembski, saxophonist Michal Kobojek and some of the most creative performers of the Young Brothers European Youth, - says the producer of VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST, Honored Artist of Ukraine Irina Frenkel. - The legendary jazz musicians, famous all over the world, such as incomparable Israeli jazz diva Dorit Goren, the King of Blues and r & b Roy Young from Jamaika, extraordinarily gifted saxophonist Alex Goren a famous pianist Alexander Slutsky, virtuoso double bassist Valery Lipets and cult drummer Gladvin Mashoko from the Republic of South Africa who played with Tina Turner for a long time – all of them are coming at Sergiy Morgunov’s personal invitation. They will perform together on the same stage during the closing concert of VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2019.

Attention! In honor of the 23rd anniversary of VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST there will be a single price - only 230 UAH for three days, from 20 to 23 August (until 8 p.m.)! Tickets for the musical "Ball in the Savoy" and multi tickets for all concert programs of the festival are available, regardless of the row.
A chance that cannot be missed! Days are to be noted in the calendar right away!

What is the surprise of every concert?

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The bright, spectacular, stylish and full of excellent humor and passion musical "Ball in the Savoy" opens the VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST at the Sadovsky Theater at 7 pm on September, 20!
It is this production of the National Operetta of Ukraine that has won many awards at all-Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals. “Ball in the Savoy”was regarded as the best performance in the history of the festival at the “Viata e frumoasa!” in Romania. It caused such a frantic excitement that spectators were buying up even the standing room - just to see the stunning large-scale action!
This musical captures every viewer’s attention from the first seconds, not only by the plot, but also by a great amount of dancing. You will see an extraordinary selection of various dancing, such as tango, foxtrot, rumba, waltz and step dance.
The Kyiv National Operetta Theater has commissioned a special covering of unbreakable colored glass with LEDs, one square meter of which can withstand 10 or more dancers at a time. It is done for the spectacular bright and coloring of the stage and for the step dance to be clearly audible to the audience in the hall.
Another special surprise for all the audience will be a whole parade of extraordinary colorful outfits! A unique collection of "Zodiac Signs", created specifically for the performance. According to the programme twelve zodiac signs will welcome guests to the ball.

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     The trio Dock in Absolute (Belgium-Luxembourg) will enchant the audience with the progressive jazz rock at the Concert Hall, Teatralna Street , 15. It will take place at 7 p.m., on September 21, Saturday.
     The trio Dock in Absolute (Belgium-Luxembourg) was considered to be the“Opening of the Year 2017” by Jazznews Magazine and by hundreds of the participants of the most prestigious jazz festivals! Being the most touring band in Luxembourg, “Dock in Absolute”performs in different parts of our planet, from Japan and the United States to Mexico and Singapore every month.

     Dock In Absolute is a stellar trio from Luxembourg and Belgium, with a shared love of jazz, combine different styles of progressive Jazz, classical and rock, playing the pianist’s own compositions and co-created their unique jazz style. Its music is sparkling, varying, forceful, pressing, rich in twists and turns in mood: from lyrical to unrestrainable, from wild to graceful, from virtuosic and crystalline to assertive and dramatic, from subdued to airy and demonstrative. It can be charged-up one moment and calm the next, then take off again to reach vibrant sounds. An endless variety of melodic cells, often with a hypnotic pattern, alternating against a flamboyant, bright sonic background with unfaltering dynamics, never a half-way approach from this trio. Dock In Absolute proves that Jazz has myriads of stories to tell: thus, it should be allowed free rein.

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The unforgettable “Polish Jazz Night” starts at 9 pm, giving two concerts by the best Polish jazz musicians at once. In the first part of the concert, the Michal Koboek Quartet and the international choir "Voxcellence" will present an exclusive project "Monyushko in Jazz", which was created in honor of the celebration of "Stanislaw Monyushko’s Year " on the occasion of the 200 th anniversary of the brilliant Polish composer’s birth.
      One of the best Polish saxophonists of the young generation Michal Koboek and his band have adapted Stanislav Monyushko’s songs and collected them in the album “Śpiewnik domowe”. A unique combination of classical form of works with brilliant jazz improvisation will become another proof that the creativity is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary artists. The Great Monyushka’s songs will sound new, giving everyone an unforgettable experience and a lot of discoveries at VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST! The second part of the concert will feature a legend and a "modern treasure" of Polish jazz!
Jazz brothers Martin and Bartlomej Olesbin, who create their own jazz band, proving that it is absolutely enough to create stunning music, full of unrestrained energy, new trends and extremely complex and rich nuances only from bass and drums. They will perform together with the iconic composer, music writer for the film “Fire and Sword”, the virtuoso jazz violinist and winner of dozens of prestigious awards and titles, Kshesimir Dembski.

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     On September 22, Sunday, at 7 p.m., the musicians of “Mario Rom's Interzone” from Austria will open the crazy world of energetic neo-bop to the audience.
This striking band, led by the talented trumpeter Mario Roma, fills any stage with such powerful musical energy that it seems as if not a trio, but a quartet or even a quintet were playing. For over 7 years, “Mario Rom's Interzone” has been at the forefront of the contemporary jazz scene not only in Austria but also around the world. Right during the performances, they re-create their own musical rules every time, making each concert unique.
Musicians are free to move from hard-bop to avant-garde or funk, juggling styles with skill. Swing, groove, drive, sudden changes in tempo and size are all in “Mario Rom's Interzone” music.
      Their motto is "Everything is allowed!" - that's why these three musicians play jazz at 180% and tirelessly amaze the audience with their improvisations, spontaneity on the edge of musical insight, virtuosity and subtle musical humor.
      At the personal invitation of Vinnytsia Mayor Sergiy Morgunov, the world premiere of ”Jazzy Latin Groove B&W” will take place at the Festival Closing ceremony at 9 p.m. It is an exclusive project of world jazz stars from Israel, South Africa and Jamaica, created especially for VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST!
It is the combination of the first magnitude stars and hot Latin groove. It is a crazy mix of exceptional performing skills, three-country coloring and incredible music, which is one of the most fabulous genres of jazz with Latin American rhythms, based on Cuban popular dance music, including boss-new and samba!
      The performance of the fantastic “Jazzy Latin Groove B&W” sextet is 100% memorable for all life!
Immerse yourself in the unforgettable black and white world of crazy improvisation with amazing singers Dorit Goren (Israel) and Roy Young (Jamaica), who performed with Ray Charles himself and was a close friend of Marvin Gey and Ringo Starr from The Beatles!
Enjoy the jazz drive and playing the highest grade of virtuoso saxophonist Alex Goren, pianist Alexander Slutsky, double bassist Valery Lipets and South African drummer Gladvin Mashoko!

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Exclusive festival projects:

VIIІ All-Ukrainian competition of young jazz performers.

     The All-Ukrainian Competition for Young Jazz Performers will be held within the framework of the VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2019 for the eighth time. Its main purpose is to form a professional circle of jazz music performers in Ukraine. The founder of the competition is the executive committee of the Vinnytsia City Council.  Co-organizer of the competition is “The center for Concert and Festival Programs".
The winners of each category will receive prizes-awards from the mayor Sergiy Morgunov and the executive committee of the Vinnytsia City Council . – They will get 16 thousand hryvnias each, the winner of the Grand Prix will receive 20 thousand hryvnias. Absolutely each participant of the competition will receive an invitation to participate in the unique music co-working project Jazz Breakfasts.
The participants of the competition can be instrumental ensembles of up to 4 people; vocal ensembles of up to 6 people and some singers.
Age categories: younger (children under 15) and medium (ages 16 to 21).
Nominations: vocal (solo singing, vocal group), instrumental music (soloist in instrumental accompaniment, instrumental group).
To participate in the competition for young talents you should send a complete application form, a summary of the team or artist, videos of two songs (jazz standard, free composition) by e-mail to the organizing committee This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from August, 15 till September, 11.
During the second round (live auditions), participants will perform a jazz standard from the selection round, one song of their choice, and a folk or national tune in a jazz interpretation.
The participants’ performances will be judged by a professional jury consisting of the leading jazz experts of Ukraine and from abroad.
The Final Gala Concert of the competition will be held at the Mont Blanc Concert Hall on September, 20 (Soborna Street, 34).

Jazz Breakfast Masterclasses and Co-working Meetings.
For the second year in a row, Jazz Breakfasts will be held during VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST.
This is an innovative cultural and educational project of “Jazz Non-School” and creative music co-working meetings with world jazz stars.
Everyone is welcome to the Jazz Breakfast at the Mont Blanc Concert Hall (Vinnitsa, Soborna Street, 34) on Sunday, September 22, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. You are invited not only to have a cup of coffee during casual communication and exclusive workshops, but also to learn the practical recipes for the success of world-famous jazzmen. Moreover, you will have a unique opportunity to perform jazz with them.
Jazz Breakfasts – 2019 will feature stars from Poland, Austria, Jamaica, South Africa and Israel: Kshesimir Dembski, Martin Oles, Bartlomei Oles, Michal Koboek, Mario Rum, Alex Goren, Dorit Goren, Roy Young, Gladvin Mashoko, Alexander Slytsky, Valeriy Lipets.

The festival's information center begins its work on August, 20.
The VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2019 Festival Information Center, where you can get the most precise information about all the festival concerts and events, is opened at Teatralna Street, 15(the 1st floor) from August, 20.
Phone number: (0432) 690 - 025.
Like last year, multi tickets are avaliable. A multi ticket is a pass to all the festival concerts on September, 21 and September, 22. You are able to participate in the project "Jazz Breakfasts" too.
You can also purchase a ticket for each concert separately.
PLEASE NOTE! Tickets are subject to dynamic pricing.
The earlier you buy tickets, the lower the price is!
• On August 20-23 (till 8 pm), the common price for tickets to the musical "Ball in Savoy" is 230 UAH. The festival multi tickets are 230 UAH too during this period.
• The first ticket price increase will take place on August 23 from 8 pm.
• September, 13 from 8 p.m. is the second rise in price.
You can buy tickets online at, and
Tickets are also on sale at the” Afisha Vinnytsia ”: at the “Magigrand” mall (from 10 a.m.-till 9 p. m.), “The Department Store,” and the Sadovsky Theater. (from 1 p.m.- till 7 p.m.), The Vinnytsia Regional Philharmonic, The tour club "Bidnyazhka", "Vinnytsia Vezha".
The official festival site is
The Official Facebook Group is
The festival official Facebook page is

The main organizer of the XXII International Jazz Festival VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2019 is the Podillya Charity Foundation for the Advancement of Talent Development.
The festival is supported by Valeriy Koroviy and Sergei Morgunov, Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration and Vinnytsia City Council.
Co-organizers :
the Department of Culture and Arts of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration
the Department of Culture of the Vinnytsia City Council
the Center for Concert and Festival Programs
“Afisha Vinnytsia”
the Vinnytsia Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Timiryazev.
The partner institutions of the festival:
Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Vinnitsa
Polish Institute in Kyiv
Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv
Agency music: LX (Luxembourg)
POT (Polish Tourism Organization)
Barlinek Group
The general information partner is RIA.
Information support: Megamall shopping center.
Hospitality: hotel "France" and hotel "Podillya".
The festival master of ceremonies’ style: the author's studio Lyudmila Kvitna.
The festival master of ceremonies’ hairdresses: Beauty Studio IND Beauty.
Media partners:
“Vita” TV channel, “Vinnitchina” TV channel, “UA: Vinnytsia” TV channel, “City over the Bug” radio, “Takt” radio, “Misto” newspaper, “Vinnytska Gazeta”newspaper, “33 channel” newspaper, “Ukrainian People” magazine (USA), “Persona TOP” Magazine, “Wedding of the Year” magazine, “Afisha Vinnitsa” -”,,,, Depo. Vinnytsia,,,,,,, "Na Parizhi", , "Vinnytsia - dovidnuk tvogo mista",,, Vinnytsia PressPoint.

For media accreditation, you should contact the press secretary of the festival Valentyna Kirilchuk, mobile: (096) 314-51-55, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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