«VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST - 2012" will be a celebration of jazz, fashion and tourism

Electronic Edition "ВінницяОК" told peoples what wait their on XVII International festival and proposed a few photos from press conference.

September 22-23, our city will be back into a jazz capital of Ukraine. It is during these days that the concerts of XVII festivalwhich this year is called «VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST – 2012 “ will take place.

- It is the oldest in Ukraine, and now updated, XVII International festival of days of jazz music in Vinnitsa - says festival director Pavel Tretyakov. - It is constantly expanding and is becoming a great art event in our region and in Ukraine in general.

Last year, organizers of the "International Days of Jazz music in Vinnytssa" announced the contest of ideas with the rebranding of the festival, to modernize the "face" of the oldest music event in Ukraine. The contest lasted from September 2011 to May 2012. Viewers offered and chose a new name and logo of the festival. That is the name «VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST - 2012" has garnered. The logo of the festival  also changed.

- This is the exact logo of musical Vinnytsia - continues Pavel Tretyakov. - It is a treble clef,  bass edge, symbols of Vinnytsia. Among the suggestions from our viewers, I think it was the best option.

The second unofficial name of the festival: "Wow! Familiar faces "because half of the musicians who will perform this year, are already familiar from past to viewers of Vinnytsia.

Festival begins with the exhibition of Polish Jazz Poster Art gallery , its present known collector, a representative from Krakow Poster Gallery Mr. Krzysztof Dydo. Exhibition opens September 19 and runs until the end of the month.

September 22-23, there will be jazz concerts that will take place simultaneously in the concert hall TRC "VINTERA" and Teatralna Square.

Within the framework of the XVII jazz festival musicians from Poland, Georgia, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Russia, USA and Ukraine will play. Viewers will see and hear performances of old friends of Vinnytsia - the stars of world jazz project The Shin (Georgia - Spain), George Breynshmidt (Austria) trio Brein Cafe, Andrey Kondakov (Russia) and Jesse Jones (USA), Zbigniew Namyslovskyi Quintet and many others. Vinnytsia part will be represented by famous musicians Oksana Slavna Roman Kulmatitskyi quartet.

- For the first time in the festival  there will be string jazz presented, that is without drums - two guitars and bass - this will be the motives of Swedish folk, - the general producer  of the festival Irina  Frenkel states.

- This year we decided to dedicate the festival to women - adds Pavel Tretyakov. - We want to be not only the best jazz festival in Ukraine, but also trendsetters.

Especially for this festival we engaged a known Vinnitsa designer. Thus, clothing and images ofpresenters, which are  still kept in secret, copyright created by mastersof  Ludmila Kvetna studio.

- I have the honor not only to watch the festival, but also directly participate in the creation of presenters´ clothing, two charming girls - our television journalists. It will be a separate image, clothing jazz style. I hope everyone will like it - says the designer.

Also this year, we decided to combine culture and marketing: everyone who buys a ticket to the festival, will receive a coupon with a 10-percent discount on all products in hypermarkets  "GROSH" and 15 percent discount in stores "Shick & Blisk"

- Last year the festival started working with the travel agency "Ukrinvintur." Due to this our festival gets a lot of people from other regions and countries. In addition, we noticed that Vinnytsia Festival communicates with a similar festival in Odessa not only  thorugh performers, but also with the audience, which for us was a pleasant surprise - says Pavel Tretyakov.

- This is the so-called Ukraine's first experience of tourism events - adds Irina Frenkel.

- For guests of our city, we provide accommodation in hotels and private sector; excursions – to show the city, helping to buy tickets to the festival – noted the representatives of agency ' Ukrinvintur. "

At the end of the festival, after September 23, TRC "VINTERA" promises to show viewers recordings of concerts on TV.

Tickets can be booked from 28 th August by calling 690-025. Tickets for all concerts of the festival will cost UAH 170. Ticket cost for a concert will range between 20 to 40 UAH.


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