Soweto Entsha (South Africa )

Soweto Entsha (South Africa )
concert - 23 september 18.30

A` capella group :
Lwazi Zulu
Morgan Njobo
Zenzele Mtetwa
Sbusiso Xaba
Soweto Entsha, a smart, slick a cappella four-piece who reached a global audience performing at the World Cup opening ceremony, are distinct from the other African music shows that have stormed the Fringe in recent years in that they freely blend western pop elements of the male vocal harmony tradition into their performance, making for a diverse set which draws on the vibrancy of 1950s doo-wop, the all-singing, all-dancing presentation of the 1960s soul groups and the more saccharine tendencies of the modern R&B outfits as much as the soft, healing invocations and exhilarating spirit of their own tribal cultures… In any case, their four-part singing is simply exquisite. Their music message is delivered with utter sincerity, a warm depth of tone and a whole lot of soul and spirituality.. By Fiona Shepherd, Music review , 10/8/2011 The story of these guys looks like one of a fairy tale. To the difference that this is pure reality. Less that a 4 years ago, their scene was the streets of the township with no other perspective. Their only antidote to poverty, unemployment, violence, delinquency and boredom was singing. Since childhood, every Sunday without failing their united voices celebrated the Gospel that they had listened to and sang in the choir of their school and to church. One day in July 2008, fate provided an unexpected hand. That of a French producer, curious enough to abandon central Johannesburg (where he had come to organize the upcoming tour of African Footprint in France) to discover another reality of South Africa, one of the townships. A stop in a small local restaurant, and suddenly they were there before him, no other instrument than their vocal cords and their hands to give the beat to a “Welcome to Soweto”, in exchange of a small tip in return. Far from knowing that the four friends had just won a ticket to a dream beyond all expectation. Indeed, for Nicolas Ferru that was it the four young boys will be performing as the first part of African Footprint in Paris and during the entries French tour that was taking place three months later. Three months of hard work for the members of what was to become ”Entsha Soweto”. But their dreams were successfully materialized - the debut CD was realized in France, and the concert tours were organized in many European countries. the children of Soweto talented performers are the messengers of hope, they are communicating with happiness their love of Africa to their new audience. Simply breathtaking!