Adam Baldych’s Quartet consists of Adam Baldyh (violin)

Adam Baldych’s Quartet consists of Adam Baldyh (violin) Genre: jazz mix and classical music with polish folk music
Kshyshtoff Dys (piano),
Michal Baransky (double- bass, bass guitar),
David Fortuna (percussion).

Adam Baldych is a Polish violinist, composer, music producer. He has his own unique style, which is called «breathing violin». He is known from a series of record releases and collaborations with famous musicians. Adam Baldych has, no doubt, the greatest technique of any jazz violinist alive today, but except his virtuosity, he is also appreciated for his original sound and compositions. Adam Bałdych consciously refers in his music to Polish tradition and blurs the differences between classical and jazz music. First called "a child prodigy" evolved to being named one of the most interesting jazz violinists in Europe. Adam Bałdych recently focused also on composing for bigger bands too: in 2014 he composed a special cycle „Mozaika” for orchestra and jazz quintet – referring to culture mixtures of alluvial population and drawing from their tradition. Also, in 2015 he composed „Mozaika - Impresje” – for improvised violin, vocal, piano, double bass, percussion and string orchestra for Baltic Neopolis Orchestra order. Adam is the winner of ECHO Jazz 2013 - the most important music award bestowed on artists by the German music industry. Adam was also nominated for the Fryderyk Prize in 2013, 2015 and 2016 as an Artist of The Year in Jazz. Adam Baldych received the award for Best Jazz Album 2014 for the album “The New Tradition”,. In June 2016 he was awarded with GOLD CROSS OF MERIT by President of Poland and MEDAL OF MERIT for his cultural achievments and successes.