тріо "BREINS CAFE" (Austria-France-Bulgaria)

"BREINS CAFE" trio (Austria-France-Bulgary)
concert - 23 september 21.00

Mario Forte - violin (lives in Paris)
Antoni Donchev - piano (from Sofia)
Georg Breinschmid - bass
MARIO FORTE Violinist | Composer | Arranger
French-italian violinist MARIO FORTE was born in 1983. He began the violin at the age of five and studied classical violin in the Nîmes, Perpignan and Montpellier conservatories. It is the encounter with Didier Lockwood that led him to jazz violin, which he encouraged him to pursue. Later he graduated from the Paris Conservatory (CNSM) where he studied jazz and improvised music in the classes of Riccardo DEL FRA, Glenn FERRIS, Pierre De BETHMANN, François THEBERGE, Dré PALLMERTS and Hervé SELLIN. In 2008, he was selected to represent the France at the Jazz International Association of School which took place in Riga (Latvia). In 2010, Mario Forte composed and released his first album « Walkin’ Tribute » where he conducted his own symphonic orchestra and with famous trombone player Glenn Ferris as a guest. One of the pieces « Time Signature » was awarded 1st Prize at the International AES Competition in Munich. During the last ten years, he has been regularly invited to play in various festivals, at the first parts of EARTH, WIND & FIRE, E.S.T trio concerts and performed with his own group. Mario Forte played with many great musicians such as Soriba KOUYATE, William SHELLER, Mâalem ABDELLAH LE GOURD (Dar Gnawa), Glenn FERRIS, Jean-Loup LONGNON, Claude BARTHELEMY, Marc-michel Le BEVILLON, Jasser HAJ YOUSSEF, Bernard LUBAT, Maâlem Arafa CHAARA (...). Recently he has developed projects with Gnawas and arabo-andaluzes musics and was invited in 2011 on the national Maroccan channel TV 2M World as a guest of the popular show « Chada Alhan » to perform with the reknowned traditional arabic world conductor Mohamed-Amine El Akrami. In addition to his career as an interpreter, he has composed the film music of the 3 french movies «Dimanche» and "Colin Maillard" by Aurore CLAVERIE and «Loin de mes idées» by Clarence de MAGNEVAL, for the Alter Media Production. In 2011 Mario Forte has been named Professor in the departments of jazz and ensemble classes in Switzerland at the High Music School of Lausanne (HEM - Musikhochschule).
ANTONI DONCHEV pianist, composer, arranger
Born on 5-th of February, 1959, Bourgas, Bulgaria. Piano lessons at age of five. Special School of Music - 1973-8, National Academy of Music - 1980-84. Father: Kiril Donchev (21.02.1936, Bourgas) - composer; mother: Stoyka Doncheva (25.01.1937, Bourgas); brother George (18.08.1967, Bourgas) - ac. bass player, composer; spouse: Nadya Doncheva (04.06.1961, Bourgas) - violinist; two sons: Kiril (1984) and Michail (1995). The name of Antoni Donchev has been connected with all the major prestigious Bulgarian jazz awards over the last 20 years. His star appeared on the musical horizon when he founded the prominent "Acoustic Version" jazz formation, whose very first performance on an European music stage was awarded the Grand Prix at the Jazz Contest in Belgium in 1985. A year later "Acoustic Version" was given another award - this time even more prestigious - the jury headed by world known critics Joachim-Ernst Berendt and Pavel Brodovski gave the Grand Prix of the International Jazz Federation to Antoni Donchev and Christo Yotsov, giving them the "Europe's Young Jazz Artist of 1986" title. An exceptionally fruitful period