Kekko Fornarelli Trio (Italy)

Kekko Fornarelli Trio (Italy)
concert - 22 september 21.00

Kekko Fornarelli (piano)
Luca Alemanno (double bass)
Dario Congedo (drum)
"As long as there are musicians as open minded as Kekko Fornarelli, jazz will carry on being the World's music. Kekko’s intimacy is made of rich melodies and chord progressions which evoke some delicate forms of modern jazz, but are translated by that particular touch which makes him one of the most interesting young pianist of the moment” (Paolo Fresu). More eclectic than ever, three years after his last album, Kekko Fornarelli reveals a new project, KUBE, breaking conventions and clearing the way for a more and more universal vision of music. KUBE is this renewed way of conceiving sound, Room of mirrors is the first album of this evolution aiming to draw jazz out of the narrow circuit of its appreciators , bringing it to the general audience. This new ideology involving the utilization of musical notes to tell stories, emotions and situations, to create a music to observe, more than just to listen to. An original and colourful harmony made of electronic components and acoustic instruments, modern northern European ideas and neoclassical lyricism, filtered by the unique pen of this southern Italian talent, this piano trio immerses the listener into a vortex of changing feelings, from the darkest to the clearest, from luxury to simplicity. Fornarelli is definitely a new voice in the Italian jazz scene. As his fellow travellers during the project, two real talents of Italian jazz: Luca Bugarelli playing double-bass and Gianlivio Liberti at drums.